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Basic Addition One Digit + One Digit BA+1+1

Basic Addition Two Digits + One Digit BA+2+1

Basic Addition Three Digits + One Digit BA+3+1

Basic Addition Two Digits + Two Digits BA+2+2

Basic Addition Three Digits + Two Digits BA+3+2

Basic Addition Three Digits + Three Digits BA+3+3


Basic Subtraction Two Digits - One Digit BS+2+1

Basic Subtraction Three Digits - One Digit BS+3+1

Basic Subtraction Three Digits - Two Digits BS+3+2


Basic Addition One Digit + One Digit BA+1+1

Basic Multiplication Two Digits x One Digit BM+2+1

Basic Multiplication Three Digits x One Digit BM+3+1

Basic Multiplication Two Digits x Two Digits BM+2+2

Basic Multiplication Three Digits x Two Digits BM+3+2

Basic Multiplication Three Digits x Three Digits BM+3+3


Basic Division TwoDigits_One Digit BD+2+1

Basic Division Three Digits_One Digit BD+3+1

Basic Division Three Digits_Two Digits BD+3+2

Times Tables

Times Table number 2 TT+002

Times Table number 3 TT+003

Times Table number 4 TT+004

Times Table number 5 TT+005

Times Table number 6 TT+006

Times Table number 7 TT+007

Times Table number 8 TT+008

Times Table number 9 TT+009

Times Table number 10 TT+010

Times Table number 11 TT+011

Times Table number 12 TT+012


Percentage-Tens Percentage of tens PT+010

Percentage-Hundreds Percentage of hundreds PH+010

Percentage-Tens Integer Percentage of tens PT+011

Percentage-Hundreds Integer Percentage of hundreds PH+011


Comparison-Integer One Digit and One Digits CI+1+1

Comparison-Integer Two Digits and Two Digits CI+2+2

Comparison-Integer Three Digits and Three Digits CI+3+3

Comparison-Decimals Comparison of Hundredths CD+2+2

Comparison-Decimals Comparison of Thousandths CD+3+3


Decimals-Addition Hundredths + Hundredths DA+2+2

Decimals-Addition Thousandths + Thousandths DA+3+3

Decimals-Subtraction Hundredths - Hundredths DS+2+2

Decimals- Subtraction Thousandths - Thousandths DS+3+3